HEADS UP: This blog was created by a watchman awakened and called in February of 2013. The watchman warns the people when they see judgment coming on a land. The job of a watchman is to WARN.
(Ezekiel 33:1-7)

On March 9, 2019, I was awakened at 3:11 AM. The Lord began to speak to me about artificial intelligence or “AI”. I was not thinking about it at the the time, nor had I thought about it at all in the past week or so.

The Lord revealed to me how evil AI is; He led me to think through how man is particularly enamored with and excited about AI – how our scientists and tech experts praise robots such as “Sofia”. You may recall that Sofia is now a citizen of Saudi Arabia. The minds behind these freakish looking machines rave with excitement about how “human” and “life-like” these robots are.

What a mock of God.

All the while in our country, states are passing legislation to kill the most innocent of all human life – life in the womb, and the recently born alive after an attempted abortion – to kill babies, or allow them to die on a tray in the event they survive an attempted abortion.

God showed me His broken heart on the matter.
He broke my heart over the issue of LIFE and the depravity of our nation.
The killing of the innocents made in the very image of God while celebrating mockery….

He impressed on me that this is the ultimate MOCK OF GOD the CREATOR. Holding up an invention of man as greater, more valuable, than human beings created in the image of God. The invention of man is literally being worshipped (there are now “AI churches” in this country), while mocking God’s creation through the worship of AI, and through THE KILLING OF THE INNOCENTS.

GOD is the only creator of LIFE. Man takes life that GOD CREATED – cells, DNA, etc. and combine, snip, mix, manipulate what GOD created and call it life. If we did not have the very essence of life that God created in the first place – DNA – WE COULD NOT MANIPULATE ANYTHING AT ALL AND CLAIM MAN “CREATED”. Man cannot create life – only manipulate life that God has created. We cannot create one single cell, or one single unique strand of DNA. Man can only mix, snip, or clone what God has already created.  Robots are not living, breathing, human beings with souls….


Jesus said, “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

Our society celebrates things like mixing mice DNA with human DNA – A COMPLETE MOCK OF GOD – and call it scientific progress, and celebrates the invention of robots (metal, steel, rubber, plastic, and computer chips) all while KILLIING BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT BABIES IN THE WOMB AND EVEN THOSE BORN ALIVE…….. and there is a large part of the population who actually celebrate this……


JUDGMENT IS COMING… SOON…SWIFT… COMPLETE…..to this country.  I had a dream in 2012 wherein God showed me a picture of a great shaking on the earth; and it started in the United States.  I will write about that next….and the other dreams as well.

I am sounding the alarm!!!

Revelation 3:11: “…..Behold, I am coming soon….”

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Contemplating Love

As usual, always on my mind…

Receiving Love,

Giving Love,

Understanding Love,

Contemplating real love… the unselfish kind… like our Heavenly Father loves us….

“Love is the game changer”… and it is!!!


Love Changes us..

Unconditional; undeserved; unearned; relentless…

When this love is grasped…understood… it is difficult to reject.. because…


we were made because love…

we were made to love…

God IS Love… Love is who He is….

Love is what He does…Love is why He relentlessly pursues us…and He gives and gives and gives until we love Him back.

Why? Because His love is so pure, Holy, unconditional, freely given, that it breaks us; it undoes us; because we know it is undeserved, and unearned. That kind of love cannot be earned… and the very essence of it’s nature radically contrasts with our own ability to love the same.. in fact, I’m going to just say it here…the only way we can love even close to the same way God loves us is by allowing Him to love others through us.. We otherwise do not have the human ability to love the same – unselfishly, unconditionally, purely, not based on “merit”, not based on an innate “loveability” factor.

The only way we can truly love others is by knowing God and allowing His love to flow through us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

No expectation of love in return; no quid pro quo; no what’s in it for me; in fact – this love costs… this love requires sacrifice … this love is selfless… this love may even hurt..

contemplating love….

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In Luke 5:4 Jesus said to Simon Peter, “…Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught (a load!). ”

In this exchange, Simon Peter then speaks to the Lord of the universe and gives him a rundown of his schedule (don’t we often do the same thing??) – he had worked all night without success.  He had brought in his ship and was washing nets early in the morning when Jesus came, entered Simon’s boat, and asked him to thrust out a little from the land so he could teach the people on shore from the ship.  This Simon did, and now after the teaching was over, and after a long night with no reward for his labor, here was Jesus instructing him to launch out into the deep and let his nets down again.  You can imagine that Simon was tired, hungry, probably a little irritable and ready to go home!  However, he did what the master said – and it paid off miraculously!  In fact, it changed HIS LIFE FOREVER.  He filled up his own ship with fish and then called his partners to come and help and filled up another ship with fish!  Both boats were so full they began to sink!

When Simon Peter saw this, he FELL DOWN at Jesus’ knees and said, “Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”

Peter’s response to the miracle that Jesus just worked – was one of confession and declaration.  In the light of the miraculous work – the wonder-working POWER of Jesus, he became very much aware of his own SINFULNESS to which he immediately confessed.  He acknowledged Jesus as “Lord” in the same sentence!

Jesus’ response?  “Fear not: from now on you will catch men.”

Jesus’ response to Simon’s confession of sin and acknowledgment & declaration that Jesus was Lord, was to tell Simon NOT TO FEAR.

NOW HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REAL – In the next verse, verse 11, it states, “And when they had brought their ships to land (their overflowing with fish sinking ships), THEY FORSOOK ALL, AND FOLLOWED HIM.

After being confronted with the miraculous, recognizing his own sinfulness, recognizing Jesus as Lord, being told NOT TO FEAR, Simon Peter and his two partners, James and John – sons of Zebedee – also known as the “sons of Thunder”, FORSOOK ALL – AND FOLLOWED JESUS.

Why do we fear the deep?  The unknown?  The trials?  The instructions to move when we can’t see?  The instruction to enter the deep waters that will crash over us? That place where no effort of our own can help or save us.

Jesus calls us into deep waters to see if we will obey him and to see if we really trust him.  But he calls us there so he can work the miraculous in our lives!  If we don’t step out, how can he do the miraculous work that He wants to do on our behalf?  The miraculous work that proves who He is and brings glory to His name?  How can we recognize our own sinfulness if we don’t get close enough to the miraculous perfection that is Christ?  Are we thinking we are really not that bad as we stand on the shore in presumed safety??  How can we really call him “Lord” if we do not step out into the deep and let him DEMONSTRATE IT.

AND GUESS WHAT?  Once He does, you will FORSAKE ALL, AND FOLLOW HIM.  It will be a no brainer.  It will be the obvious path.  It will be the only option.  It will be a RESET of who WE ARE!  Our identity in CHRIST ALONE – and no other.  No expectation of man – no “personal goal” – no “positive thinking” – no idea of man – can ever come close to the Holy One of Israel REVEALING HIMSELF TO YOU IN THE DEEP. 

What are you waiting for?  Jesus is calling to you now… He is beckoning you to leave the shore… and to meet him in the deep where only He can lift you up.

Launch out into the deep….

Blessed be the name of the Lord….


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I NEVER get cash back from Home Depot when I use my debit card there.  But on this day, when I had made an extra key for my apartment and paid $3.67 for a pink camo one so I could pick it out easily from all my other keys, I requested $10.00 cash back from my debit card purchase.  Minutes later I figured out why.

That’s when I met Leo.  In the parking lot of Home Depot.  On my way to my car.  As I was walking to my car pondering why in the world I had asked for $10.00 cash back. Why $10.00?  In my entire LIFE I NEVER asked for cash back there.  Usually because I spent my last few dollars in that store where I should own stock by now.  And that’s when Leo sidled up to me right by my car.

Leo was a very tall, thin, black man probably in his late sixties.  He asked if I needed any odd jobs done at my “house”.  I noticed Leo was missing about half of his teeth, and one ear.  Yes, one ear was missing.  I wasn’t at all repulsed by this as I remembered how my 15 year old nephew had lost his ears (and later his life) from a burn accident.  I guessed Leo had been in a fire too…and not just the physical kind.  He said he was from Natchez, Mississippi, had lost his $800. per month hotel room, and was looking for work so he could get his place back.  I told Leo I lived in an apartment and just called the maintenance man when I needed something repaired.  I had no work I could hire him for.

Leo asked if I had any change I could spare.

I smiled to myself knowing why I had requested that $10.00 cash back.  “Here, you can have this.  It’s all I have.”  Leo took the money with a big grin on his face and thanked me profusely.  He started walking away and I yelled, “Hey – what’s your name??”   “Leo”, he said.  I thought to myself, “like the lion”.

“Leo, do you know Jesus?”  I yelled in the Home Depot parking lot.

“YES I DO!!  I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT HIM!” yelled Leo back.  “I DON’T KNOW HOW PEOPLE MAKE IT WITHOUT HIM!”   It was rather windy so Leo felt the need to yell too.

Me either Leo, I thought to myself.  “God Bless you brother – I’ll pray for you!”

He turned around and came back.  He held out his hand to shake mine and said, “What’s YOUR name?”  I told him my name was LeAnn.  Then he hugged me and said, “God bless you, and I’ll pray for YOU!”.


A few days later I was in Ross buying a few things for an upcoming trip.  There was one checker working at the time because it was early.  That’s when I met Leslie.

Leslie was a black woman in her late sixties working the counter.  I noticed she had a brace of some sort on her wrist.  She commented on some of my clothing purchases as being “cute”.  I struck up a conversation with her and told her I was going to Israel soon and these were things I was going to take with me.  Her face glowed.  “Israel….I have always wanted to go there!”, she said.  Literally, Leslie and I stood there talking to one another for probably 30 minutes.  I said to her, “So you’re a sister?”   She looked at me with a question so I added, “Sister in Christ?”.    “Yes I am!”, she said.  Her face lit up again and she smiled.  We were both looking at each other smiling about being sisters!  Then Leslie told me how she used to own a boarding house for mentally disabled and had in the past year just adopted a 13-year-old girl who was mentally challenged and whose parents had gone to jail.  She told me how much she loved this young girl and how adopting her had been a real challenge.  The judge had questioned her strongly about WHY she would want to adopt such a child.  (I thought about how we had been adopted into the family of Christ… probably a motley looking crew that most would question as well!).   I looked at her and said, “You are an angel!”.  “No, I’m not…”, said Leslie.  She said that the girl had been a huge blessing to her and that it was a mutual blessing.   I asked her the girl’s name and she said it was Kaylee.

I told Leslie that I would keep her and Kaylee in my prayers.  She asked me to come back to the store after my trip to Israel and show her pictures.  She said she is there almost every day on the early shift.

Lord willing I will return with pictures to visit Leslie with a little gift from Jerusalem for her and Kaylee.


Take time with people and listen closely…because sometimes God just whispers…..










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No Facades Here

No facades here.I love the rusty metal roof on Steel Boss next door. I love the open air operation operating daily rain or shine. I love their collection of buildings, all steel & metal, mostly rusted, appearing like a galvanized sculpture from my bird’s eye view. I love the contrast to the white washed concrete & the curved row of silos that make up my building which was an old operating flour mill 115 years ago. The windows are original. They don’t make Windows like that anymore..

 My building produced lovely white baking flour packaged in white with signature red roses on the package, and next door they pounded out & cut steel & they still do today! Steel Boss is written proudly on all their buildings in large red script that was painted on many years ago. All this view is accented with the wrought iron railings that surround our balconies & line our stairways here at the old flour mill. It is a raw beauty  unseen & unnoticed by most.  The tops of large, mature green trees grace the spaces in between as nature’s palette does when left to its own devices. The birds sing their praises early  in the morning declaring the day over all.

The sculptor’s studio in the metal building across the street is a delight as items of interest continuously appear in the surrounding fenced yard from old bicycles, surfboards, old trucks, doors, unidentifiable wood, glass, and metal objects etc are redeemed & repurposed for a greater beauty be it functional or aesthetic. 

Just like the steel mill next door. Just like the people living in the old flour mill.  

No facades here.





The Carpenter sees 

He has not forgotten

His work is lovingly diligent and persistent – sometimes painfully so.  

But He redeems to repurpose. A higher purpose. A higher calling. A better way. A more beautiful way. 

A true way with no facades. A beautiful way that is not recognized or appreciated by those who embrace facades.  

It’s a deeper beauty repurposed not to hide imperfections but to highlight them & point to the craftsman who has lovingly created beauty from them. What a wonder! What beauty! What love….

Wonder working love…

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Up on a ladder scraping off old paint… Not just the chipping paint weathered and broken by the Texas sun and Texas storms… but the wood underneath as well.  The wood had been damaged; it was buckled and rotting.  This work required more than a scraper; it required more muscle and a wood chisel.  I had gotten myself into a project I had underestimated.  Underestimated the damage beneath the facade of the chipping paint.  There was real structural damage beneath that old peeling paint.  That old paint had disguised some real underlying deterioration.

As I climbed down the ladder I looked out across the balcony from my third floor view.  I saw the stark contrast of the metal industrial buildings with rusty steel implements surrounding mine; of the old red brick buildings lying low, and the beautiful green of the flourishing spring blooms of the trees interjected amongst all of it.  Beauty in the least likely of places… and I pondered the door.

I thought of how my work on renewing this door was much like the Carpenter’s work on us.  He lovingly chips away the facade of the peeling paint that is our public life in preparation for a restored vessel.  But that’s not enough.  He has to go much deeper to completely remove the disease and disintegration that is sin beneath the surface.  This is an inside job.  The carpenter will take that chisel in hand, and lovingly remove all that is lethal.  His intent is to restore and to redeem and to REPURPOSE.  He is patient, diligent, and moves with a loving hand.

It was a trying project as it was a large door and required a tall ladder.  The underlying rot was much more prevalent than the chipping and curling paint initially indicated.  But as I rubbed on the new stain and sealer restoring that wood to not it’s original beauty but to a new and more exquisite beauty only possible due to the aging and scarring of the wood, I marveled at the fact this is exactly what our Savior does to us.  RESTORE, REDEEM, REPURPOSE – better than before!

And get this:  BECAUSE LOVE.

I wondered that Jesus calls himself the DOOR in His Word.  He himself was broken, scarred, restored to the Father, redeemed by conquering death , and RESURRECTED.  HE IS ALIVE TODAY!  And as that resurrected DOOR, He invites us to come in.  The Carpenter is waiting to pour out His love and handiwork to all that come in ….

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Amidst the cacophony
of cultural, national and international political chaos; where is the missing church?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say she is mostly in the midst of it all flailing accusations and hurling insults along with the non-believers.
A spirit of self-righteousness & indignation – I dare say even spewing hatred is emanating from much of the church in America.  
We think it’s up to US to solve the world problems. We intellectualize and strategize like MEN do without listening to God’s heart on the matter. We are distracted and deceived into matters that The Holy One of Israel has NOT called us to! We are acting out of SELF – man’s thinking and man’s strategies! Newsflash! We are helpless against this flood of insanity covering our nation! Judgment has been unleashed and there can be no turning back – YES – that’s what I said – NO TURNING back – and hear this – without repentance. 
 Has our nation repented? Has a solemn assembly been called to seek Gods face and cry out to Him due to our anguish for our sins?

I hope you heard that resounding NO.. 
Now more than ever rebellion and hatred of God and His laws are rejected and even called evil by the masses.. 
Here’s an example: our government has spent more time and energy in the past 18 months on discussing where people may relieve themselves in public spaces – has fanned terrible flames of fear, hatred, and absurdity, than get this and HEAR ME ON THIS:
The killing of almost 60 million innocent babies in the womb – more than 10 times of the Jewish holocaust – 


Church…. LET THAT SINK IN…  

You know why? Because let’s be honest… You have become more outraged about the bathroom issue… You have discussed it publicly and amongst your friends more often than you have ever been able to ignite passion for the issue of abortion…

You have discussed the evils of Islam and your fear of terrorism more than you have ever been able to stir up a passion for the issue of the MOST innocent & vulnerable in our society being exterminated – the baby in the womb…

Do you think we have been thrown a curve ball by the enemy here?? Are we covered by a huge blanket of deceit and distraction that God himself has allowed??
I will answer the question for you;

We have institutionalized, by passing laws at the highest courts in our land, the death and destruction of the most innocent of creation made – now get this – in the VERY IMAGE of God….
Is that sobering to you? 

It should be…

And we – as a church – cannot even be offended by it….not a tear shed for the enormous loss of life; for lost generations filled with potential; for the breaking of the very heart of God on this matter..for the destruction of those made in his very image…

The Holy One of Israel has turned us over to our own depravity.. We are deceived… We have gone awry.. We are lost….

We live in fear that our comfortable lives here in America are threatened by radical Islamic terrorists while IGNORING the terrorism in our own backyard…to the tune of MILLIONS of deaths .. At our own hands..death institutionalized by our own government and society…
Now hear this; GOD SEES.
Over the past few years for the nearsighted, he has graciously allowed knowledge of the horrors of this business through the revelation of two specific events that made NATIONAL and even international news – so that there could be no doubt about the horrors of the baby killing business: the abortion Dr. Gosling and his butcher shop of horrors, and the Planned Parenthood sales of baby parts.
Are you sick at your stomach yet?? You should be…
God allowed this so that there would be NO EXCUSE – no questioning – when the judgment came. Ignorance could not be used as an excuse for inaction.. Period..
Church – we are held to a higher level of accountability than the non-believer. We have failed terribly…
If we cannot get the issue of LIFE itself right…if we cannot even agree with God that those made in His image are valuable; when we choose to argue with Him about what He deems valuable – indeed His very creative work and design – how can we get anything else right? We stand in disagreement & opposition to God – we have proclaimed that man’s thinking and man’s ways are higher than God’s. Indeed we have rejected God and deemed ourselves God.
Get on your knees church. Get on your face before God.  
Ask Him to BREAK you on this… Even better – ASK HIM TO SHOW YOU HIS HEART on the matter….
If you pray this prayer…
Be ready to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the implications….

Your life and your priorities will change and you will NEVER be the same.

Please join me in prayer for the ongoing holocaust here in this country and pray that the church will WAKE UP.
All the marches locally and in Washington will not change our culture until the CHURCH is willing to take a stance on this issue – and this is where it really gets scary – talk about it from the pulpit.. Regularly… Until we take responsibility and agree to agree with God on the value of the life of the unborn and back it up with action – we will remain under judgment and we will see other violence from within our culture and from our enemies without continue to escalate…

This matter is urgent.  Our very existence as a nation and people is at stake…

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Abandoned for Love

In my life I have been abandoned over and over again; physically and emotionally..

And now I abandon all that I am to Him…

A willing act of worship to and love  for the Master..

Jesus; You have captivated my heart.

                   You are my first love..

I am forever thankful;

        Forever overwhelmed;

               Forever captivated 

                      By Your Love.

                               By You.

Jesus is love


…..Love is the game changer….

May your highest will for me be made real… May it be to me as You have said.

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Consider the Pharisees

So much of the New Testament involves Jesus dealing with the Pharisees. It is a type of many religious systems on earth today including those who claim to be Christian, & the reality of an appearance of good while evil reigns. The Pharisees were more interested in their status, prestige, & position in their  religion, culture, & nation than pursuing truth & salvation for their people. They had superimposed a worldly system & economy on their religion. One of personal prestige & prosperity  – and Jesus hated it!  He once referred to them as a “brood of vipers”.

John 11:48:  “If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.”

They did not pray & seek Gods face on the person of Christ – they gathered together a council of men & decided to kill him because Christ threatened their own status, prestige, “place” & “nation”. They wanted to rule the nation for their own selfish & evil advantage!!

John 11:53: “Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death.”

This is why Jesus harshest words recorded in the Bible were reserved for the Pharisees.

They rejected the truth – Christ – & their eternal salvation for the status, comfort & prestige of the world. They sought the recognition of men & the advantages that went with it over receiving the savior of the world. His miracle working & extravagant mercy for sinners was a threat to their power & authority in this world. Jesus the person threatened their reputations in this life. Because of this, they wanted him dead. 

Jesus was an obstacle to their desire to retain personal prosperity and power. They didn’t care about the lives of the poor, sick, disabled, homeless, dying around them. It was their own pursuit of power, status, prestige, and comfort that drove them to rejection and murderous hatred of the savior of the world….Shunning eternal life for temporary comforts & recognition in this life.

There is an afterlife. You will either spend it in the presence of the King of Kings who came to this earth to lay down his life in the great exchange – his life for our sins – or you will be separated from God forever.

Choose Jesus.

He’s coming soon.

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This life is for advancing the kingdom of God – not building my own.

This life was not gifted to me for me to idolize the enjoyment of it.

True joy comes only in relationship with the one who breathed life into me transcendent of the will of man.

True joy comes in abiding in Him and Him in me regardless of physical circumstances.  Remember, circumstances aren’t always “true”.  What may look like failure to the world may be absolute success in the eyes of the Almighty.  Think Jeremiah the prophet; faithful and obedient to God – a complete failure in the eyes of the world.  Hated by all for speaking truth as directly instructed to by God…..

True joy is deeper and transcends the “right to pursue happiness” we have here in America.  Contrast happiness which is based on circumstances which we already know are not reliable measures of truth.

The kingdom of God is eternal.  All earthly kingdoms are transient.  All physical life is transient.

Why do the nations rage?  Why anguish?  Why does the most powerful nation on earth foster so much division, hatred, lawlessness, violence, disregard for life, busyness, apathy, and complacency?

Why do people chase “experiences” of all sorts – from thrill seeking, to emotional experience seeking, to pursuit of physical pleasures of all sorts, including perversions?

Because they have rejected or forgotten their first love.  They have settled for lesser things – even evil things – in exchange for the King of Kings.  The extraordinary offered to us in this ordinary life.  They do not embrace the extraordinary – at full cost of ALL ELSE.  “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” – Luke 14:26  This is a hard teaching by Jesus.  He said the way was narrow….

How short-sighted are we?  What must occur for our priorities to be reordered?

Much has been forfeited in exchange for a transient life and a worldly kingdom with its worldly transient values.  Standards change, people are fickle, and even language is changing… time ascribed words given new meanings and new pronunciations right before our eyes.  Time ascribed symbols given new meaning.  Who can keep up?  Whom can you please?  Whom will you serve?  Tomorrow the transient rules of a worldly kingdom will change again!  YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLEASE THE WORLD OR BE ETERNALLY ACCEPTED BY IT.  QUIT TRYING.

Please ponder transient and fleeting -vs- the eternal…. it’s quite sobering….


What legacy will you leave when you pass from this transient life into eternity?

If Jesus Christ is your Lord, look up! TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD. For your redemption draws near!!!

  • John 12:25-26
  • John 15:18-21
  • John 17:14-23
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